M   A   X   W   E   L   L        P   R   O   D   U   C   T    I   O   N         S   O   U   N   D

Feature Film Experience:

Having mixed numerous feature films, I know what it takes to bring a successful soundtrack to post production. First of all it takes experience. Experience not only on location, but experience communicating with the director, the editor and working closely with ALL the departments to stay ahead of the game. Secondly it takes good, feature-quality equipment and redundancy on all pieces of gear to ensure uninterrupted production. No waiting on sound. No down time.

Maxwell Production Sound is constantly updating to the latest equipment as technologies change. Also important is my understanding of newly released camera interfaces and sync requirements.

I would also stress the importance of understanding the “big picture” and knowing how the production soundtrack will be mixed and capturing everything the editors need.

Regardless of your sound mixer choice, I appreciate your consideration and wish you the best of luck with your production. If selected, I will work hard to deliver the best possible tracks utilizing the finest equipment and striving to work within the budget and time constraints of the day.


Geoff Maxwell, CAS