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Sound Devices: 788-T SSD (2)

Sound Devices 744-T (2)

Nagra IV-S TC


Sonosax SX-ST 12 C 12 inputs 12 x 8 channel console mixer with 4 aux buses

Sonosax SX-ES64 6 x 4 console mixer with AES out

Sound Devices 552 five inputs with built-in recorder (2)

Sound Devices 442

Sound Devices Mix Pre-D with AES

Sound Devices CL-8 Controller

Shure SCM810 Automated Mixer

Short Shotgun Mics


Schoeps CMIT 5U (2)

Schoeps CMC 6 U

Schoeps CMC 5 U (4)

Schoeps CMBI battery powered preamp (2)

Capsules available: MK-2, MK-4 (2),  MK-41 (3), MK-8

Schoeps Cut 1 (6)

Schoeps GVC (3)

Sennheiser MKH 50 (2)

Sennheiser 416 (2)

Schoeps Colette Systems

5 Colette systems for use as plant mics and in car rigs

Long Shotgun Mics

Neumann KMR-82

Sennheiser MKH 70

Sennheiser 816 F

Stereo Mics

Neumann RSM 190-i MS/XY stereo shotgun mic

Sony XY stereo mic

Schoeps M/S Collette stereo rig

Wireless Mics

Lectrosonics 411a Receivers (10)

Lectrosonics SRb Receivers (1)

Lectrosonics LR Receivers C (2)

Lectrosonics wideband Venue 6 channel rack mount receiver (2)

Lectrosonics 6 channel Field Venue Receiver

Lectrosonics VRS/VRT modules (20)

Lectrosonics SM Transmitters (13)

Lectrosonics SMQ Transmitters (2)

Lectrosonics MM miniature waterproof transmitter with Countryman B6 lav

Wireless boom plug-on transmitter 400 series (4)

Sanken COS-11(10), Sonotrim (9), Tram (6), Countryman B6 (12), Sony ECM-77 (3)

Antennas: PSC Sharkfin (2), Lectro ALP-600 (1), Lectro ALP-620 (2) Lectro ALP 700A

Peter Engh Gooseneck mics (2)

TC Sync

Denecke TS-C compact slate  (3)

Denecke TC TS-2 (updated to V3) Slates (2)

Denecke TS-1 Slate (TC playback only)

Denecke GR-1 Master TG Generator/clock

Denecke SB-T tri-level sync box (2)

Denecke SB-4 sync box (3)

Denecke SB-3 sync box

Scriptboy kit (418 MHz)


PSC Elite 17’ cabled carbon fiber internal cable

PSC Elite 12’ cabled carbon fiber internal coiled

PSC Elite 9’ cabled carbon fiber internal coiled

PSC Elite 6.5’ cabled carbon fiber

Vdb 16’ carbon fiber

Vdb 9’ carbon fiber internal coiled

Vdb 9’ carbon fiber


PSC Cart Power DC distribution system

PSC Power Star LiFe 20 AH

PSC LiFe 20AH Pelican batteries (2)

Coffey Sound 35AH Pelican

5 BDS systems

various block batteries

Video Monitors

Blackmagic duo 8” SDI x 2 screens

Marshall 7” 3G SDI w/hi brightness


Sharp 7” LCD with tuner SD

Sound/Camera Link

Zaxcom RX 900 2 channel receiver, TRX900 transmitter with mini SD recording

Lectrosonics SRb receivers with SM/SMQ transmitters (2)

Lectrosonics LR/SM mono systems (2)


Lectrosonics IFB R1a receivers with headsets (14)

Lectrosonics T-1 transmitters (2)

Lectrosonics T-4 transmitters (2)

Comtek PR receivers with headsets (18)

Motorola GP-300 walkie talkies (50) Surveillance kits (50)

Junxion Box WI-FI with Verizon service (2)

Transcription Recording

Marantz PDM-620  2 channel WAV/MP-3 recorders (2)


Vertical and horizontal sound carts

Filmtools Collapsable Follow Cart

Bell & Light system with 2 stations

Music Video playback systems

* I have much more than what’s listed here. If you need it, I’ve probably got it, or I’ll get it.